Half Marathon for MS Fonds

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Dear family and friends,

These people in the pictures are Jouri and Niels. The photos were taken at my work at 201FysioSport in Haarlem.
They have MS. Multiple Sclerosis.

MS is literally a nerve-racking disease.
Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease of the central nervous system. One of the most frustrating aspects of the disease is that its course is so unpredictable: no one knows what symptoms will appear, when they will appear, and how long they will last.
Uncertainty is therefore a feeling that all people with MS are familiar with.

Here at the gym I help them train and to get some MS symptoms under control. But to really beat MS, we need money for research.
So that medicines can be developed that give everyone with MS a safe future.
So money is needed. Lots of money!
And that is why I will be running the Rotterdam Half Marathon on 31 July to raise money for research.

The National MS Fund starts now!

Will you help me raise as much money as possible for the National MS Fund?
Donate via the link below:


On behalf of Jouri and Niels many thanks!

Alfie 🧡



Piece by written by Jouri: 


Hi guys, my name is Jouri and I got diagnosed with MS less than a year ago. I started training with Alfie, at 201 Fysiosport, in January. At the beginning, I was really insecure about what I was able to do, because I had the feeling I could not trust my body. Training with Alfie gave me more confidence about my limits and together with healthy living (as much as possible 😉), it’s the only thing I have an influence on. Research has shown that training boosts the immune system, your strength increases, and you will be less tired. And that is what I have experienced. Because physiotherapy is so personalized, I can even train on a bad day. Even though training really helps, the only solution will be prevention or curing MS. And therefore, more research is needed. Research on the topic MS has already been groundbreaking in the past years, however, we are not there yet. A cause has not been found yet. A cure is non-existing. But researchers think they are very close. And that is the reason why it’s so important to raise money for The National MS Fund.