Conquer the Pole, Conquer MS

Conquer the Pole, Conquer MS


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In 2016 Hidde and Sjoerd ran the Great Wall Marathon to raise money for the "Nationaal MS fonds" (foundation focused on Multiple Sclerosis). 3 years later the boys are back on 26 October 2019 attempting a perhaps even crazier marathon: The Polar Circle Marathon.

The Polar Circle marathon is considered one of the most challenging marathons on earth as temperatures drop to -15 or even -20 degrees Celsius and ice cold winds provide a constant risk of frostbite for the runners. On top of this, quick feet are an absolute must as part of the race is ran on ice caps.

Why we'll perform such a risky endeavor is simple: Sjoerd's mother has been diagnosed with MS many years ago and despite her illness, constant pain, and physical limitations she still manages to live her life to the fullest and have a positive mindset every day. This has inspired us tremendously and showed us that you shouldn’t take no for an answer and that nothing is impossible. In that spirit, and as a way to give back, we believe it is only fitting to set ourselves a challenge that most of our friends and family say is impossible.

By the way, in case you are wondering whether we are experienced runners: the answer is no. The Great Wall marathonis Sjoerd's first and only marathon experience to date and Hidde has only one other marathon on his name.

Many thanks in advance,

Sjoerd and Hidde


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