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06 november 2016 12:34

Writing this while going out for my last long run of 8 km this afternoon! After this I'm going to do another 6.5 km run on Tuesday and then resting up for the race on Sunday. 

I would like to thank everyone for donating, it is much much appreciated. This is a horrible disease and I hope these contributions will help it out of this world. A lot of progress is being made, and it really is one of the few diseases where an end it in sight!


I ran a ducky shape! :D

Here follow a couple of stats collected on this short journey that might be fun to know (as of this morning):

- 21 runs so far. 

- Total distance 98.6 km run.

- 4 kg lost.

- Speed went from 7'52" per km, to 6'11" per km.


I've also signed myself up for another few runs

- January: Vondelpark run by night: 10 km 

- March: Zandvoort Circuit Run: 12 km


After those 2, I will be taking part in the full 16km Dam-tot-dam in 2017, and if that goes well a half marathon maybe? :)

If this all goes well and I keep increasing distance and pace, I might even be tempted to walk a full marathon in 2018!

See you all then!


Thanks again, Ahmed.

PS. I will still post the race results, that will be my last post!